AFM Shona Hymn 36

1.SIMUDZA kufunga kwedu
Mweya woutsvene;
Tifunge mabasa ako,
Tidzidzese nawo,

2. Iro zuva rokuuya,
Ngarisvike zvino;
Kuti iwo moto wako
Usvike kwatiri.

3. Tambanudza ndimi dzedu,
Dzidzidziswe newe;

4. Kusangana kwamashoko,
Uya mweya woutsvene,
Ita basa pano.

5. Uya nesimba zvikuru,
Zadza iyi nzvimbo;
Tigonzwa masimba ako
Nokuita kwako.

6. Chikurumidza kuuya,
Mweya woutsvene;
Chinzwa miteuro yedu,

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5 thoughts on “Hymn 36

  1. Not sure about copyright issues.
    The only thing I know is we are one body of Christ. He is the head of the church. We should be free to sing any song to our Saviour. When we get to heaven we will sing together without denomination. I pray that the Lord himself unites us here on earth as the church of God.

    1. So why did AFM not choose to sing Catholic hymns if we are all vana vaMwari? Why is there even AFM and Methodist and every other church? Why is the Bible written by different authors since all scriptures are inspired by God? Why are AFM pastors taking each other to the courts of the land kana tese tichiita the same thing for the glory of God? Let’s not justify theft of intellectual property by selective application of the Word. Do you automatically marry your sister’s husband because you have the same mother? Are we saying the spirit that inspired AFM also said “now go back in time and use the Methodist hymn book?”

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