Sahwira Lyrics

By Holy Ten

Zvese zvese zvatakanamatira
Zvichamanifesta zvichamanifesta
Zvataka discussa nasahwira
Kuti ticha deala naanakwesta
Sahwira vachukucha mukombe
Paka buda ropa
Pawakandi sabotager waka junga ronda
Switched up on you side
Wangu paka muka kona
Saka usa fona

Everything is never as it seems
You see these people smiling out in public
But it's plots, plans, and calculated schemes
You know if they catch you sleeping it be hard to chase your dreams
But you never think, uchashedza mufesi wako
Ngambo tenga drink, ngambo tenga drink

But then again, wega...
(To Be Continued)

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Partial lyrics for the track “Sahwira” from Holy Ten’s debut album “Risky Life”

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